Termites cause more damage to Australian properties annually than fire, flood & storm combined. Conservative studies suggest termites will infest 1 in 5 homes in the Sydney region. CSPEST can safeguard you against damage in a number of ways.

Free Termite Assessment

If you have discovered termites in your home, or what you believe maybe termites, call us immediately to arrange a free termite assessment.

An assessment will confirm whether or not what you have found is termites and allow us to work out the most effective plan of action based on the construction of your home and correct identification of the species of termite. This will then permit us to present you with a proposal free of cost or obligation that complies with Australian Standard AS3660.

Termite Inspections

Early detection is the key to preventing serious structural damage to you home by termites. AS3660 recommends termite inspections on at least an annual basis. Due to the secretive nature of termites detection by the homeowner is usually too late, when obvious damage becomes apparent.

Regular termite inspections to AS3660 by a competent pest control company should be a part of every Australian homeowners maintenance.

By keeping to a regular program of termite inspections you will have peace of mind that you will not become a serious statistic of termites. Regular inspections will allow early intervention should termites be present. If termite activity is found during a routine visual inspection the cost of the inspection will be deducted from any full treatment proposal you may then choose to accept from us.

CSPEST also performs timber pest inspections to AS4349.3 for the prepurchase of properties. These inspections may be on behalf of the purchaser, vendor, real estate agents, conveyancers or financial institutions. Reports are prepared free of bias and can be despatched promptly via E-mail where necessary.

Termite Treatment Options

There is no one size fits all in termite control. Proposals for treatments are based on facts such as termite species and construction techniques used in the home. When these facts are coupled with you termite professionals experience and understanding of termite ecology, only then can CSPEST offer the best treatment options for your home. This is why ideally a termite inspection or at least a fee termite assessment must be performed before a proposal can be given.

Among the products we may recommend are:

Sudarsan: EXTERRA
Treated Zones/Barriers: TERMIDOR

These above products give CSPEST the flexibility to cover all termite situations we might encounter. All treatments come with a free retreatment period as minimum and many will come with insurance e.g. EXCEL above ground baiting teamed with BIFLEX DUO barrier may qualify you for $1,000,000.00 insurance against future damage thanks to the Manufacturers (FMC) EFLEX program.