Why Pest Control Is Important For Properties

Why Pest Control Is Important For Properties

Pest control is so important that it is one of the three factors contributing to the quality of life today, going hand in hand with advancements in medicine and improved sanitation . This may seem very surprising, but upon careful consideration, it becomes easy to understand why this is so.

In fact, pests directly affect three major areas of everyone’s life, and we’ll explain each one in depth in the following paragraphs: Our health, our food and our property. But the good news is: our life expectancy has lengthened alongside the advancements in pest protection stategies. From 49 years in 1900, a baby born in 2010 may now expect to live 78 years. The National Pest Management Association in the US (NPMA) recently released a reviewed Pest Industry Fact Sheet with the following stark information.

Pests and Health Issues

There are a number of serious implications between pest control management and health problems, ranging from mild annoyances to grave threats to people’s lives, such as

  • Around 7-8 percent of people are allergic to cockroaches, and what is truly alarming is that cockroach allergens are the third leading contributor to the incidence or asthma in children.
  • Half a million people end up in hospital emergency rooms due to insect stings and bites, and among them, between 40-150 end up as fatalities.
  • More than 45,000 people are bitten by rats every year. Rat bites can cause rat bite fever, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, murine typhus, trichinosis and other diseases.
  • Other pests carry organisms that cause Dengue fever, Ross River virus, gastroenteritis, Murray Valley encephalitis virus, hepatitis A, Barmah Forest virus, trachoma and others.

Pest Infestation and  food safety

When left unchecked, pests can do unparalleled damage to food crops all over the world. While this is on a global scale, pests in our homes is as equally important as pests threaten to contaminate our personal food supplies because they carry dangerous organisms.

  • If pest treatment measures were not practiced, more than 50 percent of food crops worldwide would be destroyed. This would cause food prices to skyrocket and there would be widespread food scarcity, famine and starvation.
  • Managing pests must be rigorously applied in homes, hospitals, health care facilities, schools, restaurants and any other establishment where food is prepared, as cockroaches and other insects carry salmonella, coliform, streptococcus, yeasts, staphylococci and other pathogens.
  • Without a pest treatment plan it would be impossible for any part of the food industry to conform with the proper rules for sanitation and health.


Pest management protects our homes and properties

This is perhaps the most visible benefit of pest management, since we have the responsibility of taking care of our homes and properties. We want to remove the possibility of infestation from rats and termites, just to name a few pests.

In a survey of consumers done by Pro Pest Control Brisbane www.propestcontrolbrisbane.com.au, the number one problem that homeowners and renters complained about is the presence of rodents and insects.

  • Rats start fires by chewing the wires near and around houses and buildings, or by spilling flammable liquids in basements, workshops and other enclosed spaces.
  • The cost of the damage that termites cause amounts to billions of dollars a year.
  • Bedbugs are infesting homes and other buildings in ever increasing numbers.

Choosing Pest Management

Now that we have established the importance of treating pests, it would be good to know certain guidelines for choosing the best pest control company for your particular needs. The Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA), an umbrella group of pest control companies, gives out PestCerts, certifications that guarantee that exterminators meets their accreditation standards.

The members of AEPMA hold to a Code of Ethics in their practice of pest management. They also keep abreast of technological advances in the latest methods in the industry, and are insured for any liabilities that may occur. They also offer mediation should there be any complaint from the consumer.

True to their name, members of AEPMA are environmentally responsible. Their approach to pest control is through a study of pests’ biology and habits. Chemicals are not always the solutions that they propose, but when they do, they only use pesticides that are registered with the National Authority for Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (NRA), only in prescribed doses and only for the pests specific to the chemical. AEPMA accredited pest management companies also offer detailed consultations with customers for future treatments and/or to make sure that infestations do not recur.

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